An article in the NPUC Gleaner reports that Adventist enrollment in Adventist schools is in decline.  The concluding paragraph on the importance of SDA education states:

"Adventist education has held a central place in the building of a unified church, which since 1863 has spread throughout the world.  And yet, Adventist education is not keeping up proportionately with the growth of church membership.  In 1945, the ratio of students in Adventist schools to church membership was 25 per 100.  That figure remained somewhat constant until 1965.  But since that time, the ratio has dropped off precipitously, to 15 per 100 in 1985 and 9 per 100 in 2000.  At the same time, more non-Adventist students are enrolling in our schools, which makes the actual ratio of Adventist students to members closer to 5 per 100."  (Emphasis added).



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